Our Typical Client

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”
-Victor Hugo


Our ideal client is a goal-oriented individual who understands what he or she wants to accomplish both from a personal, legacy perspective as well as from a business succession perspective, and is prepared to take action to achieve those goals.

Our most successful clients generally include business owners, professionals, senior level corporate executives, and affluent individuals who all share the following characteristics.


  • Strong family commitment and values.
  • Prioritizes family legacy and harmony among members.
  • Clear vision of the future for business and personal life.
  • High level of integrity.
  • Respects long-term relationships.


  • Committed to helping the community through charity or civic organizations.
  • Well respected by their employees and the community.


  • Affluent individual or family who wants to complete or update an integrated financial plan1, estate plan and/or strategic giving plan.
  • Business client who wants to provide innovative benefit planning to hire and retain key executive staff or complete a business exit plan.
  • Respects and utilizes advisors and is open to new ideas.
  • Willing to take the time to plan and is honest about their feelings and concerns.
  • Able to make important decisions affecting family and estate planning.


  • Medical Professionals
    Physicians are busy professionals, but still need to organize, protect and prepare for their future.
  • Professional Women
    Women comprise over 57% of the work force, but still need to organize and prepare for their future.
  • Business Owners
    Financial planning1 can help with employee benefits, stock option planning and executive compensation.
  • Clients
    Financial planning1 is a smart way to plan for your future. We can help you plan for that future.