Our Services

We want to help you make the most of your current and continued financial success.


At Tradecraft Financial Group, LLC, our Comprehensive Financial Counseling Services1 go well beyond the simple brokerage or advisor relationship. We focus on eight major areas of personal financial planning1. We feel that we have succeeded in differentiating our practice from other firms by creating a boutique service model that allows us to provide more personalized attention to our families and a greater level of objective recommendations. When it comes to achieving financial goals, follow through and execution are key!

We adopt a fact-finding approach with every client, meeting quarterly to keep abreast of the client’s financial situation. Utilizing the information gathered, we are able to help our client families navigate the constantly changing financial atmosphere and incorporate planning tools that will further their lifestyle goals.

This is an ongoing process and we focus on the following eight planning areas:


  • Estate and Legacy Planning—Reviewing and structuring the appropriate plan to further your family legacy, while ensuring the proper title of property and accounts.
  • Investment Planning & Asset Allocation1—Analyzing current investment composition, products and fees, and assisting with reallocation in an effort to achieve an optimal portfolio.
  • Risk Planning & Lifestyle Protection—Protecting you and your family from potential risks by analyzing to determine proper levels of life, disability, property and other various coverage.
  • Retirement Planning & Long Term Goal Assessment—Discussing and creating a plan to help achieve your retirement or long-term goals.
  • Cash Flow Planning—Analyzing and managing current inflow and outflow of assets to determine timing of purchases and allocations to investment or savings.
  • Executive & Employee Benefit Planning—Making the most of plans and company elections that are available to executives and employees or implementing plans to benefit business owners. 
  • Financial & Charitable Planning—Working with your CPA or tax expert to review the quarterly tax situation, which allows for better timing of potential deductions and minimization of taxes due.
  • Business Exit Planning—The process that a business owner (and his advisors) uses to create and implement a unique plan that meets the greatest challenge a business owner faces: How to convert his most valuable illiquid asset into the most cash possible, while also achieving a variety of other objectives. 


Most importantly, we assist our clients with implementation of recommendations in all of the above planning areas, so that the suggestions put forth come to fruition more efficiently and quickly.

As your trusted Financial Adviser1, I serve as Chief Financial Officer for your family. We work with the various professionals in your life (CPA, attorney, etc.) and help bring all of that expertise together and into focus in an effort to ensure that all areas affecting your financial well being are aligned to achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.